Provence wedding rings
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Provence wedding rings

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The Mediterranean climate is famous for the cultivation of olive trees - some 95 percent of the olive oil produced world-wide comes from this region. When traveling through Italy, you can see the hills covered with olive groves- this tree produces a rich harvest. It can provide several litres of olive oil annually for centuries. This is why it is called "Mediterranean liquid gold".

Olive groves, olives and olive oil are as old as the world, so it is no wonder that there are many testimonies of their eternal presence among people; in the Bible, they often symbolize good counsel and comfort.

Olive grove on the Mediterranean Sea shore.

For example, while Noah was still in the ark, he released a dove to see if the water had subsided. Some time later the dove returned with an olive leaf in its beak (Gen 8:11). Then God promised that He would never flood the earth again.

Bespoke wedding rings design with olive branch.

Beauty, peace and consolation are great characteristics that I decided to materialize by designing a set of wedding rings for Mr. Maciej. The man's wedding ring was to be smooth, while the woman's one was to have a braided, openwork design of an olive branch with leaves and fruit. The set is made in yellow 14k gold.

Olive branch wedding rings.