Exceptional wedding rings

Wedding rings a jewellery for life. A properly selected set is like a dream come true. Makes the couple wearing it beautiful and elegant.

How is the perfection created?

A unique project always consists of three basic factors that, in cooperation with the client, are key to designing the perfect piece.

1. Individual approach

Wedding rings are a particularly important piece of jewellery symbolizing the eternity of a relationship. Based on the interview, I will prepare a project taking into account the client's guidelines.

2. Professional advice

How to choose the size? Should wedding rings be with gemstones? What should the color of the precious metal be? After determining the style of the rings, capital and selecting the stones, the craftsmanship phase begins.

3. Precise craftsmanship

My jewelry is handmade in accordance with the art of old goldsmithing, combined with proprietary solutions. They guarantee not only attention to detail, but also a piece of art.

Lifetime warranty

Together with the finished jewelry, the customer receives a certificate with a hologram describing all of its parameters. Fine metal is confirmed with a national hallmark assigned individually for each product by the Polish Assay Office.

How to find the golden mean?

Each of us has a personal sense of beauty and aesthetics. Does modern or rather classic style appeal to me? How to combine different ideas of both newlyweds into a set? Which solutions are the perfect compromise between beauty and long-term use? During the interview, I will help to find a golden mean.

About me

My name is Piotr Zielinski and I’m a jeweller. Details have always fascinated me. After years of gainig knowledge jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art.

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