Unique Collections

Such jewelry cannot be bought in a store. Why? It is created at the individual request of the client. Based on his guidelines, a project is prepared and the best stones are searched for. The implementation of the design is preceded by years of experience and challenges. Every customer can be sure that this is jewellery made especially for him.

Where to start?

Project preparation consists of three stages. Each of them determines the final appearance of the jewelry. On each of them, the customer makes the final decision.

1. Style

In the development of a unique project, all the details about the taste of the future owner are helpful. What jewelry he wears, how he dresses, favorite colors and other preferences can significantly affect the design work.

2. Capital

Another aspect is determining the budget. Why? This information allows you to select ores, stones and decorative techniques, taking into account the financial possibilities of the client.

3. Gemstones

How can a high-class gem be recognised? The first factor which catches the eye is colour. The most valuable items have a deep, saturated and even colour in the right, most desired shade. The colour should be emphasized by a perfect cut, thanks to which the jewel evenly reflects light.

Types of jewellery

Each type of jewelry presents a different challenge. The key to success is to make something that is not only beautiful but also comfortable. See what factors decide when designing individual outfit elements.

Lifetime warranty

Together with the finished jewelry, the customer receives a certificate with a hologram describing all of its parameters. Fine metal is confirmed with a national hallmark assigned individually for each product by the Polish Assay Office.

About me

My name is Piotr Zielinski and I’m a jeweller. Details have always fascinated me. After years of gainig knowledge jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art.

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