A stylish piece for the hand

In ancient times, bracelets were worn by both men and women - on one hand or on both. The most valuable ones were made of silver or gold, often richly decorated, and even set with precious stones. Today, beautiful, unique bracelets even gained their significance and are an inseparable element of a stylish outfit.

How is the perfection created?

A unique project always consists of three basic factors that, in cooperation with the client, are key to designing the perfect piece.

1. Individual approach

Each project is based on tips from the client, obtained during the interview. Only when I understand what effect is to be achieved, I prepare the drawing.

2. Professional advice

A bracelet is one of the most rarely ordered jewelry items. This fact alone shows that there are amazing opportunities to create something absolutely spectacular and unique. I provide uncompromising advice on how to achieve such an effect.

3. Precise craftsmanship

Due to the size of the bracelet, amazing craftsmanship techniques can be used and combined into an absolute masterpiece.

Lifetime warranty

Together with the finished jewelry, the customer receives a certificate with a hologram describing all of its parameters. Fine metal is confirmed with a national hallmark assigned individually for each product by the Polish Assay Office.

Where to start?

There are many types of bracelets. From a two-piece hinge with a clasp, through a monolithic bangle and ending with an open bracelet wrapping only part of the hand's circumference. Large stones can be set combined with famous techniques like enamel, inlays and engravings. During the interview, I will help to choose the craftsmanship techniques and the best forms so that the final piece of jewellery is not only beautiful and durable, but also comfortable to wear.

About me

My name is Piotr Zielinski and I’m a jeweller. Details have always fascinated me. After years of gainig knowledge jewellery has become a synonym for all of the values that I recognise in art.

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