A set of jewelery with diamonds and sapphires
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A set of jewelery with diamonds and sapphires

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Is two weeks considered a long time to design and make a jewellery set from scratch? On average, my order processing time is two months. However, in this case it was to be a piece of jewellery needed for a particular occasion.

The demands were very high: three matching diamonds, a larger 1.20 ct for the ring and two smaller ones 0.80 ct each for the earrings. They were all to have very high VVS1 clarity, E colour and a perfect triple excellent cut.

Concept sketch of a bespoke earring with diamonds and sapphires.

To do this job, it was necessary to find a broker with these stones in stock, and not just advertised. What, actually, is the difference? Sometimes it takes three weeks to complete the order for the stones themselves, because the fact that the broker has them advertised does not necessarily mean that he has them available for shipping straight away. At the same time, for the project to be a success, he has to offer the fastest courier service in the world. However, even this does not guarantee success, as sometimes in Poland it takes items over a week to get through customs.

Earring and ring in their natural habitat.

After extensive research, we found a suitable supplier, on the other side of the world. The only thing left to do was to make sure the package arrived on time. In the meantime, we managed to find a set of small sapphires and diamonds, prepared earrings and the ring in which, once arrived, the centre stone would be set. Then, after a successful intervention at the Customs Office, the stones arrived in my workshop on the very day the customer received the set.

Thanks to proper planning and smooth cooperation of all participants in the project, it was possible to prepare the order for collection on time. Then there was an instant photo session and an hour later the set was collected by the client's representative.

Jewellery set in diamonds and sapphires in platinum.


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