Serotonin molecule necklace with sapphires in rose gold

Serotonin molecule necklace

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Serotonin is an organic chemical compound that is a 5-hydroxyl derivative of tryptamine.

Serotonin regulates the proper functioning of the central nervous system, which is responsible for sleep, mood and other important life functions.

No wonder serotonin is also commonly known as the happiness hormone.

When Mr. David wrote to me, I was faced with a rather difficult task: I was to design a heart-shaped, rose gold necklace with blue sapphires. It was supposed to be delicate and contain a geometric shape (the hexagon). How do you combine the source of feelings, which is the heart, with geometry? I started to look at the structure of chemical compounds… and then I found the structure of the serotonin molecule.

This molecule consists of two geometric shapes: the pentagon and hexagon. In the place of the HO and NH2 functional groups, I put small sapphires, and under them there are hidden links for threading the chain. Instead of nitrogen and hydrogen inscribed in the ring, I mounted a sapphire heart. Everything is handcrafted in rose 14k gold.

Serotonine necklace in rose gold with sapphires.