Necklace for mother with a diamond.

Mom's necklace

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The birth of a child is a special moment - a moment of joy, but also brings new responsibilities. A home where parents love and respect each other creates the perfect conditions for a child's development.

Good parents love and praise their children. However, they cannot forget about each other. They must continue to strengthen their ties. 

With this in mind, I designed a necklace for a mother. I chose a font designed by one of the best Polish typographers, Grzegorz Klimczewski (PWPW, LOT, AMBER GOLD etc.). The text has a beautiful, handwritten rhythm, but also perfectly manages the negative space. This enables the word Mom to have balanced proportions, while at the same time being refined and corresponding beautifully with the heart that I designed around the perimeter of the pendant. I also designed a branch with leaves and fruit symbolizing a mother's care for her baby. A small diamond will be embedded in the letter "M". The whole necklace can be made in any colour and gold fineness.

A very special design of "Mom's" necklace in 18k gold with a diamond.