Signet ring with an initial in lapis lazuri in engraved gold
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Signet ring with an initial in lapis lazuli

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

There is something regal in the combination of blue and yellow ore. It brings to mind luxury or elevated position. It boosts confidence at every board meeting or banquet. It is an indication of experience and respect for high values, which are now less and less appreciated in business.

Projekt sygnetu na zamówienie w żółtym złocie z lapis lazuri.

The below project is an example of a unique effect that such a colour match brings. The letter is a family initial. There is a diamond placed in its lower part. The letter is inscribed on a natural lapis lazuli plate, cut by special order. The whole piece has been hand-engraved and made of 18k yellow gold.

Lapis lazuli signet ring on a hand of a businessman.

Initial signet ring with lapis lazuli and diamond in handmade 18k gold.


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