Ring with an emerald sphere with diamonds in yellow gold.

The emerald sphere ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

A holiday in the country is a great opportunity to appreciate native nature. Intense green shining in the rays of the sun and the sound of boron swaying freely in the wind is a real balm for the nerves tormented by the noise of the city.

The tree symbol has been associated with peace and eternal happiness for centuries.

For example, in the biblical Book of Genesis, written about 3,500 years ago, you can read: "God made to grow out of the earth every tree that is attractive to the sight and good for food, and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden." Apparently, then, if Adam had remained obedient to the Creator, in time God would have allowed him to eat from this tree as a sign that it was worthy of eternal life - perfect happiness and harmony.

Individual design of a ring based on the interview with the client.

To transfer this unique symbolism to the world of jewelry, I decided to design a ring with a motif of a tree. The design included several variants. Mr. David decided on a ring in which the crown of the tree is an emerald cut in the shape of a ball. However, the problem immediately arose. Such a stone can not be bought or even seen. When I started to delve into the subject, no one had even heard of it. The only option was to find a raw crystal that would then be ground into a sphere.

Raw emerald crystals look like sweets.

I found a broker in Hong Kong having 17 carat stone from Zambia. It was selected from a lot of three raw crystals. The purchase of this type is associated with a huge risk. You never know what's inside an emerald, the structure of which is mostly related to inclusions. During grinding, such cracks can progress to depth under the influence of temperature. As a result, more than one stone is damaged during the process. The task was commissioned by my gemstone cutter from Italy. I breathed a sigh of relief when he sent me a photo of a finished, polished gem.

Sphere shaped emerald is ready to polish.

The stone is set in four claws and decorated with a diamond halo. The structure of the ring in the form of golden branches connects at the bottom of the shank to form a trunk with a base that allows the ring to be placed in a display case or on a dressing table.

Finished piece.


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