A ring with an emerald cut diamond.

A ring with a perfect diamond

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Classical design is frequently associated with something viewed as common, leading many of today's designers to depart from classic designs and try to set new trends in all areas of art. With what effect?

This new mindset is often includes the rejection of the classic designs developed by previous generations. Gradually, the boundaries between what is beautiful and ugly, elaborate and kitschy, precious and worthless are blurring. This causes a kind of confusion and anxiety characteristic of the 21st century. What does all this have to do with jewellery?

The cure for mass production of worthless, cold designs aimed at satisfying someone's greed, is classical design.

And I don't mean making retro jewellery - it's about the way we think; considering where we came from and where we're going, instead of living by the motto: "Let's eat and drink [preferably at someone else's expense] because we may die tomorrow." It is the classics, i.e. the heritage of previous generations, that is the source of a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

A ring on a hand of a model.

The ability to transform these classical designs for the benefit of others testifies to craftsmanship and high artistic culture. It's a bit like classical music. The most beautiful and complex compositions that have inspired entire generations are the classics. Their value is unquestionable. Skipping that foundation is like building a house in sand - impermanent at best. It is the same with jewellery, because the concept is the same.

The ring below was made according to this line of thinking. A 2.50 ct diamond with an emerald cut, VVS1 clarity and color F, set in a classic way. It is complemented by diamonds mounted in a modern row setting. Everything is made of white gold. In 100, 200 years, this jewel will not lose any of its appeal. Why? Because the classics are immortal.

Bespoke 2.5 ct emerald cut diamond ring.