Ring with a pink diamond

Ring with a pink diamond

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The birth of a baby is a special moment. It is accompanied by emotion, maternal feelings, but also responsibility. The baby is like a delicate plant. It requires love and patience for it to grow. Due to this momentous moment, I was asked by a client to design a ring.

A concept sketch of a ring with pink and white diamonds.

The delicate, plant form of the design refers to an upbringing based on tenderness. The leaves at the bottom of the bezel have been arranged symmetrically against each other and form a subtle cradle in which the main stone, a natural pink diamond, is set.

The price of a pink diamond is estimated to be twenty times higher than its white counterpart.

Stones of this type are very difficult to find. The marquise cut, also unusual for this color, fits perfectly into the entire composition. It is complemented by small white diamonds with high parameters.

Pink diamond ring.


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