Family initial signet ring
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Family initial signet ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

There are several types of family rings. The heraldic signet ring is one of them. It emphasizes the ancestral affiliation and noble roots. However, not only such a ring can be passed down from generation to generation.

An initial is the first letter that begins a chapter or paragraph, larger than the basic text, sometimes in color, and often with an integrated ornament. It already appears in ancient Greek and Latin. Currently, the initial is also the first letter of the surname. A properly designed sign with an ornament is a symbol similar to a coat of arms.

Bespoke initial signet ring in two colour ore.

I designed a family ring with an initial for Mr. Marcin. The serif font has a beautiful rhythm, but also perfectly manages the negative space, thanks to which the sign is refined, balanced and corresponds beautifully with the entire signet ring. The letter is surrounded by solar spatial engraving, closed in an octagonal, golden frame. The sides of the signet are decorated with plant labs on the principle of inverted symmetry.

Initial signet ring.


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