Astronomus ring with custom cut sapphire
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Astronomic ring with custom cut sapphire

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Men rarely care for jewellery. Usually a watch or a wedding ring will suffice. However, this design shows that a man does not have to limit himself merely to these two tokens of masculinity.

This signet ring has been designed for a gentleman whose interests include the Middle Ages, ancient history and science. At the conceptual stage of the project, I wondered what form the ring should have, so that it was not too bulky and was still comfortable to wear.

Bespoke man's ring design with unique construction and custom cut sapphire.

After a series of drawings, I decided to make a ring from two gold plates fixed to each other at the base. Their tops are connected with gold rivets, which hold a sapphire in a setting.

The stone has been cut to order by a cutter from Italy, from a larger gem of a different shape. Its cut is the crowning of the entire composition and gives it and air of mystery.

Astronomic ring on a gentleman's hand.

Astronomic ring with custom cut sapphire.