750 gold necklace with ametrines and pink sapphires.

Ametrine necklace with pink sapphires

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Works belonging to the so-called "pure arts", such as paintings or sculptures, usually receive one place, specifically intended for them, such as a wall or a pedestal in a favorite room. Mostly they stay there for years. For me, creating jewelry is like bringing a miniature work of art to life, which you can then take anywhere with you and enjoy it in any situation, anywhere.

Necklace waiting to shine on the banquet.

Where to start such a project? One method is to find unique stones. Such gems catch the eye not only with their excellent cut, but also with unique properties and amazing colors.

Ametrine is a purple-yellow, naturally occurring mineral that is a combination of amethyst and citrine.

The stones for this project were specially ordered from Bolivia. They are accompanied by pink sapphires that complete the composition and give the necklace lightness. Each setting is made individually by hand and adjusted to the stones in such a way that they do not rotate when worn.

Ametrine necklace assembly.

Finished ametrine and pink sapphire necklace in 18K gold.


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