Ring with red spinel and diamonds

Ring with red spinel and diamonds

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

For centuries, this mineral could be described as the most underrated gem in history. But now, with the rising prices of rubies, its splendor has seen the light of day in all its glory.

Spinel is found in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, as well as in the legendary Mogok mines in Burma, from which also the highest-class rubies come from. It owes its blood-red or pink color to a trace amount of chromium. The greater the content of this element in the crystal, the stronger the red hue.

Red spinel is a fine alternative to overpriced ruby.

This gem is also very durable. Unlike tanzanite or tourmaline, it is difficult to scratch, so it can be successfully used for everyday jewelery. Various colors, physical properties, greater availability and better price make both jewelers and customers more and more willing to use this exotic mineral.

Various colors, physical properties, high availability and favorable price mean that spinel has been rediscovered and is more and more often used in luxury jewelry.

Red spinel ring with diamonds in rose gold.


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