Necklace with pearls and topazes in gold

Necklace with pearls and topazes

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Topaz is a unique mineral with a sea color. The necklace includes 14 oval topazes with dimensions of ~ 10x8mm, as well as 7 pear-shaped topazes, the largest of which will be ~ 22 × 16 mm, and 5 round ones. Topazes are intertwined with 15 pearls, creating a unique, luxurious composition symbolizing the gift of the sea in the form of pearls shining between water drops.

The name Topaz comes from the Greek τοπάζιος (topázios) = to seek or from the Sanskrit word topas = fire, which refers to the color and brilliance of this mineral.

The stones will be connected with each other by elongated links, maintaining flexibility, but preventing the necklace from twisting. From the middle up, there will be a double chain braided with a convenient clasp. The necklace can be made in any color and gold.

Bespoke design of topaz necklace with pearls in yellow gold.


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