Necklace with baroque tanzanite
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Necklace with baroque tanzanite

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

I received the initial drawing for this project from a client. She wanted to order a pendant with a stone of an unusual, baroque shape. No jeweler wanted to make a necklace for which it was necessary to purchase raw crystal and then give it the appropriate cut.

After discussing the concept with the client, I started looking for a suitable mineral. Tanzanite caught my attention. Natural crystal sometimes has cracks.

Rough, 160 ct tanzanite crystal.

Due to the optical phenomenon occurring in this mineral, the so-called To plechroism, where blue turns deep blue, these naturalia look like a shimmering galaxy that told the geological history of this African gem.  

After a long search and viewing of many raw Tanzanites from many suppliers around the world, I was able to find the right stone. The crystal had a starting weight of 160 ct. The appropriate shape and cut was given by the renowned Italian gem cutter, Paolo Sacchi. Tanzanite, which weighed 70 ct after cutting, was decorated with diamonds with a total weight of 1.35 ct set in yellow 585 gold.

Baroque tanzanite necklace on a model.

Baroque tanzanite necklace with diamonds in yellow gold.


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