Floral necklace with amethyst and carved carnelian in 18k rose gold.
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Rose Palladium Gold Necklace

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Once, in an old Soviet book, I came across a table describing the composition of 14k rose gold. On this basis, instead of the harmful nickel, I did several trials with palladium (a metal from the platinum family) in the 18k alloy. The effect was surprising because mostly rose gold still has a strong yellowish shade. However, after properly selecting the ratio of palladium to pure gold, I was able to get a much cooler tone. This alloy is unique - so far I have not come across any jewelry with a similar composition of gold.

Rose gold palladium is unique alloy in 18k proportion.

A bespoke gouashe design of floral necklace.

The time has come for the stones. The amethyst for this project was originally purchased in Thailand and was initially 38 ct. Due to the clumsy finish, it was necessary to recut it, and it lost 5 ct but gained a beautiful checkerboard cut by Italian gemstone cutter Paolo Sacchi. Paolo obtained and polished a set of smaller stones, which in color, saturation of hue, cut and cleanliness perfectly matched the main amethyst.

Perfect match layout of gemstones ready to be set in the floral pink palladium gold necklace.

The next step was to find a flower-shaped carved carnelian. After many weeks of searching, I was able to obtain the appropriate raw material and a lapidary workshop that adapted its shape to the design assumptions.

Now, having all the elements, I could start assembling the necklaces and setting the stones. The process took several weeks, but the end result exceeded all expectations.

Finished necklace on a model.

Floral pink palladium gold necklace featuring amethyst and carved carnealin layout.


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