Turtle ring with tsavorite and diamonds in green gold
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Turtle ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Caretta is a type of sea turtle. When I received an order to design and make a ring whose leitmotif was to be this species, I did a little investigation. The life story of this creature is absolutely amazing!

After hatching, the Loggerhead turtle embarks on an extraordinary journey, the route of which is up to 13,000 kilometers, to return to the beach, where it once hatched, many years later.

How can such a fascinating feat be associated with the symbolism of engagement? I started naturally with paper and pencil. Then I contacted a broker with access to a mine in Lemshuko (Tanzania), from which the exotic mineral called tsavorite is derived. This stone is in many ways superior to the emerald.

A concept sketch of a turtle ring.

In England, I found a company selling aquamarine that was to be used as turtle eyes - 1 mm in diameter. After receiving the next parcel, I chose the appropriate size diamonds, arranged around the main teardrop-shaped tsavorite. This composition was, at the customer's request, framed in green gold.

Turtle ring with tsavorite and diamonds in green gold.


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