Tiger signet Ring
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Tiger signet Ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The sun shining through the trees, shining on the bright orange fur of a stalking tiger, looks like it's glowing. It has black stripes and white patches above its amber eyes.

When meeting face to face with a rival, the tiger growls loudly, makes angry grunts and deterrent roars. Attacks from stealth with lightning speed. He traverses vast territories in search of prey. He can swim over five kilometers without rest.

No wonder the tiger symbolizes strength in many cultures. It is also a symbol of the energy drink that has dominated the market in Poland since 2003.

Some time ago I was asked by a representative of Maspex, the owner of the Tiger brand, to design a special signet. The upper part was to show the tiger's head, while the logo was placed on the sides.

A concept sketch of a signet featuring Tiger brand trademark.

Polishing the tiger signet ring.

I immediately thought of a ring that would emphasize its extraordinary strength, straight from the superhero saga. After approving the project, I proceeded to the implementation. The top of the signet has been prepared as a separate element. The parts were soldered by hand and then enameled, as well as the sides of the ring, to increase selectivity. The ring is made in two colors of high-gloss polished metal.

Tiger signet ring suits perfectly to a bold player.

Tiger signet ring on a superhero hand.

Tiger signet ring in two colour ore.


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