Snowflake necklace with blue topaz in 18k gold

Snowflake necklace

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Fractals are a mathematical term for forms that represent the same repeating pattern on every scale.

This relationship is clearly visible in snowflakes. No two are alike, yet each is a fractal. Individual arms branch into smaller and smaller ones. For me, the phenomenon of self-similarity in nature has always been a sign of a conscious, higher design. In response to these considerations, a snowflake necklace was born.

Colored pencil drawing of a bespoke snowflake necklace.

Snowflake necklace in the making.

It would seem that the obvious color for the snowflake would be white. However, when I watched a video showing ice crushing, I noticed that the ancient permafrost is blue in the fracture! Fascinated by this phenomenon, I opted for blue topaz. The stones were cut to order, especially for this project.

Snowflake necklace in its natural habitat.

When designing the composition, I made sure that the necklace had an interesting obverse, studded with stones, and a reverse, creating an intricate fractal composition. The whole thing was handcrafted in white gold 750.

The reverse of the necklace show its beauty and careful craftsmanship.

The front of the 18k gold necklace.

Finished, bespoke necklace in the custom box.


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