Ring with three heart-shaped sapphires

Ring with three heart-shaped sapphires

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Heart-shaped blue sapphire is a rarity. Usually, the most cost-effective is an oval cut that matches the shape of the raw crystal.

However, when Mr. Krisstoff wrote to me asking for a ring with three sapphire hearts, I was looking for a supplier for such a set for a long time. The problem was that even if I did get stones of the right size, they would vary in shade, size, or cut proportion. After all, there are no two, and even less three, identical crystals.

Bespoke ring design based on client's guidelines.

I started my search with the central stone. In Bangkok, the world capital of colored stones, I found a central stone weighing 1 ct. Then I ordered several sets of small hearts to match the perfect set. However, also here it was not without complications. The stones played with colors but were of different sizes. It was necessary to recut one of them to make a perfect pair and harmonize with the main stone.

The idea of the ring was that three hearts were pierced by a decorative, diamond-encrusted V-shaped wedding ring. After making the projections and additional perspective with a pencil, I started the implementation, the result of which is attached below.

Three blue heart sapphires in an bespoke engagement ring.


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