Platinum rings with engraving

Platinum rings with engraving

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Some time ago I had the pleasure to design an engagement ring for Mr. Daniel's fiancée. The raw ruby for this project was cut into an unusual shape resembling a sugar loaf. The platinum ring has been decorated with an intricate pattern at the customer's request.

Pierścionek który zainspirował komplet obrączek w platynie.

Platinum requires extremely high temperatures to melt and is very difficult to polish. Due to its unique properties, this metal has become a symbol of purity, endurance and true love.

Now is the time to design complete wedding rings. The pattern was to be enlarged and adapted to the different widths of the discs. The women's wedding ring was narrower, while the wider one emphasized the masculine attribute. The set is carved in solid platinum.

Bespoke wedding rings set in platinum with deep engraving.

Platinum wedding rings with a characteristic engraving pattern.


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