When a custom-made ring is created at Zieliński Art, every detail is refined and the ring is attractive from every side.

A perfect emerald in the crown

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

An engagement is one of the most romantic moments in life. How can you ensure that the ring you give captures that precious moment and is a future keepsake which reminds you of that beautiful time whenever you look at it?

The most important thing is the wholehearted commitment of the future bride and groom. After all, this unique event happens once in a lifetime! No shortcuts can be taken here. Individual choice of style, jewels, and precious metal is essential. An engagement ring symbolizes the innermost feelings and emphasises the uniqueness of the recipient as well as the sincerity of the fiancé's intentions. 

What's more, the engagement ring will be worn daily. How do you achieve the desired effect and choose the right style so the engagement ring does not become boring? Even if you don't know your partner's taste, it's worth going for something classic but with a modern feel. The epitome of classic is the music of Luigi Boccherini, which never loses its appeal. 

The ring below consists of a seemingly quintessential engagement crown, in which a first-class emerald has been set. Its lower part is decorated with a small diamond set in a rhombus. The double ring, complemented with little emeralds, bulges towards the crown, completing the entire composition. This enables the jewellery to reveal its secrets only after being removed from the finger. The tapered ring, set with small diamonds, emphasises the gem in the centre of the ring.

A perfect emerald of the highest purity complemented with diamonds is a perfect recipe for an individual, custom-made engagement ring.