Black opal crane ring in two-tone gold with diamonds

Crane ring

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

As they fly, flocks of cranes create keys or slanted ranks and make a loud voice known as a clangor, which sounds like a trumpet. It can be heard for a radius of several kilometers. You can recognize it more than once near Polish lakes. After the brood is finished, in autumn cranes like to rest in the fields and meadows in the sunshine. In flight, they stretch their neck and legs just like a stork. They flap their wings slowly, majestically.

Unfortunately, as a result of drainage of wet forests, its breeding grounds were destroyed and currently it is located only on an island in the south of the Baltic Sea and in southern Europe.

These birds are very skittish and vigilant, but once I managed to approach them from a distance of several meters, when at 5 am I went for a walk during my holiday in Kashubia. In the gentle warmth of the rising sun, the mist began to rise, so that blue bird silhouettes began to emerge from among the clouds.

This majestic bird inspired me to design a unique ring. The crane has outstretched wings made of blue gold. The ornately profiled neck freely falls to the center of the composition, with its beak pointing towards the black opal which, when exposed to light, shimmers with a million colors. Small diamonds will be embedded in the crown on the bird's head. A yellow gold ring completes the entire composition and gives it a luxurious expression.

Concept sketch of a bespoke ring with a crane and black Australian opal.


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