Signet rings with moissanites in yellow gold 585.
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Family signet rings

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

The word "signet" in Middle Eastern languages comes from a root meaning "to seal." It refers to the main use of some ancient rings - they were imprinted in clay or wax to leave an imprint. Such products, made of gold, silver or bronze, sometimes had a stone engraved with the owner's name or emblem.

It is not only documents that can be sealed. Family rings are a unique type of jewelry. It is not only a way to invest, passed down from generation to generation, it is also a symbol that seals belonging to a specific family.

At a time when it is difficult to maintain bonds at a distance, family signet rings are a great souvenir and help to remember, in every situation, how important the family is.

I have made a set of such rings for Mr. Marcin. In the center there are very rare varieties of moissanite in cognac and blue colors. Each of the stones weighs approx. 5 ct. The owners' initials have been engraved on the sides of the luminaire. The wide rim is decorated with a quilted checkerboard with a subtle floral motif. The whole set is made of solid 14k gold.

Family signet rings with moissanite in 14k gold.


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