Astronomus ring with custom cut sapphire
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Astronomus ring with custom cut sapphire

Autor: Piotr Zieliński

Men rarely care for jewellery. Usually a watch or a wedding ring will suffice. However, this design shows that a man does not have to limit himself merely to these two tokens of masculinity.

This signet ring has been designed for a Middle Ages, ancient history and science enthusiast. At the conceptual stage of the work, I wondered what form the ring  (which was to be a symbol of masculinity) should have, so that it was not too bulky and was still comfortable to wear.

Bespoke man's ring design with unusual construction and custom cut sapphire.

After a series of drawings, I decided to make a ring from two gold plates fixed to each other at the base. Their tops are connected with gold rivets, which, at the same time, hold a sapphire in a setting.

The stone has been cut to order by a cutter from Italy, from a larger gem of a different shape. Its cut is the crowning of the entire composition and gives it a mysterious look.

Astronomus ring on a decisive hand.

Astronomus ring with custom cut sapphire.


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